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Tijani Haddad: Tourism is now part of human rights:Tourism will come back

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Tourism in crisis, but Tourism will come back by: President Tijani HaddadToday, Tourism is most affected sector by this Covid-19 pandemic. Its collapse has been brutal and total and its consequences will last longer harder. They will be economical, social and even political. In Tunisia and in several other countries of the world, tourism is a drawing force of many other sectors creating jobs such as agriculture, building transport and many other sectors. In Tunisia, Tourism, with all its components: travel agencies, transport, arts and crafts, etc., is the largest employer in the country and contributes greatly to fighting against poverty. Beyond its economic role, Tourism conveys a cultural message and promote dialogue between religions and civilisations It is obvious and clear the end of the Covid-19 crisis is not for tomorrow: building industry, textile factories, supermarkets, can as soon as the end of the pandemic go back to work. This will not be the case for Tourism. The crisis will be much longer for various reasons:1- Potential tourists will not very get rid of the Covid-19 obsession.2- A bitter aftertaste of tourism and travel will persist for long time in people's subconscious, as the crisis was multidimensional.3- Already, some voices of European officials have risen to "confine" their fellow citizen’s once again, advising them not to travel and to spend their holidays in their own countries. They even think to close Schengen space. They should understand that Tourism Professionals in Europe could not only rely on their local markets. In Tunisia, regardless of all this, the Government, at the very beginning of the crisis, courageously faced the immediate health challenges: preserving people's lives and care about their health: very early, the Government decided Border closing, total containment and social measures. So far, the Government efforts were convincing and very commendable.However, the Government and Tourism Stake holders should very early prepare a national strategy for Tourism resilience through a national consultation. Only a concerted and coherent action plan, will determine the measures to be taken to prepare the strategy based on a scientific approach for a recovery plan and an efficient promotional campaign.In addition, we should review the components of our tourism product, based diversity and innovation. Of course, the world after the corona will be another world. However, the desire to travel is as old as eternal. Today, travelling is no longer a luxury reserved for the wealthy and the elite. Tourism is even part of human rights. This is why tourism will rebound.

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